Founded in 2015, Sequoia Cyber Solutions, Inc. is a veteran-owned small business.

A Managed Security Service Provider and Value Added Reseller with over 40 years of IT experience, we deliver customized, next-generation Cybersecurity, Wireless, Networking & Cloud solutions that provide invaluable protection and peace of mind.

What does that mean, practically-speaking?

We are hardcore cyber-security experts who leverage the strategy, precision and intensity of our military training and experience to keep your organization safe. Our team is made up of Offensive Security Certified Professionals (OSCP), Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH), Wireless RF Engineers, Ekahau Certified Survey Engineers (ECSE), Network+ Security Engineers, Fortinet Network Security Experts (NSE) and Cisco Certified Networking Professionals — so we can kick some serious butt on your behalf.

Our experts use the same tricks & techniques hackers use — but instead, we defend you against devastating cyberattacks like ransomware, CEO fraud, phishing and targeted attack campaigns, and more.

When you partner with Sequoia, you will:

Protect your clients and brand by leveraging our solutions as added value to your clients, boosting share value and winning client praise. Without advanced cybersecurity in place, organizations are easy targets, and it takes just one attack to lose everything.

Every organization deserves the right to affordable, next-generation technology. Creating your own cybersecurity department is costly and complicated, so let us be your security experts instead! We provide the advanced solutions you need at prices anyone can afford.

Can you put a price on peace of mind? Cybersecurity is a complex discipline that requires constant, personalized attention. There’s no one-size-or-price-fits-all, which is why we offer custom solutions and pricing. With Sequoia, your valuable digital info — and company reputation — stays secure.


We are relentless in providing our clients with the best protection, and are honored to have gotten recognition for our work.


Sequoia was named in the top 100 MSSPs of 2017! This recognition highlights our commitment to providing cutting-edge cyber security so our clients and partners can sleep better at night.


Whether you’re a small business or a large-scale organization, the successful and smooth operation of your business hinges on the reliability, security and efficiency of the front-line and behind-the-scenes technologies.


That’s why Sequoia Cyber Solutions offers a full suite of services to meet your info-security needs — so your business can thrive and grow!



Companies report an average stock price decline of 5% immediately following the disclosure of their breach. Over the past year alone, small businesses have paid out a whopping $301 million to ransomware attackers!


Seventy-one percent of CMOs and 49% of IT practitioners believe the biggest cost of a security incident is the loss of reputation and brand value — and they’re right! Clients jump ship when you can’t guarantee the security of their personal info.


Over 70% of cyber attacks target small businesses. Tragically, a reported sixty percent of small and medium-sized businesses close their doors within six months of being breached.

How secure is your organization?

Detect your network vulnerabilities
for FREE! ($497 value)

How secure is your organization?

Detect your network vulnerabilities
for FREE! ($497 value)

Meet The Team

“I am now so relieved to have Sequoia as my Managed Security Services Provider as I know that I’m being protected from an array of attack vectorsin my cybersecurity. They also instill one of my primary objectives in that security is a continuous learning and tuning evolution and it never has an end! Sequoia continues to pleasantly surprise me with their insight and initiatives in protecting my company and its unique needs in the healthcare industry. They’re more like a partner than a 3rd party services provider. Absolutely fantastic experience.”

Trent Baker, CISO, InSync Healthcare Solutions

“We knew our clients needed security services but we lacked the knowledge and the resources to offer them a solution. Now that we have partnered with Sequoia Cyber Solutions, they helped give us the confidence and resources to not only protect our clients but increase our recurring revenue and the services we provide. It’s a comfort knowing we have a security expert to help us through the ever-increasing cyber threats affecting businesses and organizations today and our customers have a sense of relief as well.”

Rick Kroll, IT Manager, InvisiMax

“Their expertise, attention to detail and expansive knowledge base is completely on display in their work. When it comes to being problem solvers and solution providers in the world of IT, Networking, Cyber Security and much more, Sequoia Cyber Solutions is the “only club I carry in the bag.” Sequoia also contributes to the growth and edification of our employees by not only providing their services with efficiency, but also by teaching us the practical application of their resolutions in a way that those of us who are not so technically savvy can understand as well.”

Jason B. Samuel, Q Factor Solutions

“Reliable IT made simple. They were able to remotely assess the shortcomings of our current Wi-Fi set up with an architectural drawing and a 5 minute phone call. That afternoon I knew why the dock printer was so spotty but more importantly how to fix it. (Hint: Buying a new wireless printer wasn’t it.) I’ve been using Sequoia hosted email for over 2 years, 2 mobile devices, 3 laptops, 2 desktops and zero hassle. Sean and the Sequoia team were able to seamlessly transition me through a myriad of devices.”

Joe F. B. Reynolds, Brewery Operations Manager, Alchemy & Science

“I needed a customized hosting solution for high volume traffic and the team at Sequoia delivered fast and exceeded my expectations in both end product and quality of service. We quickly went from conceptualizing and testing to complete server migration in under two weeks. Sean worked long hours and responded quickly via phone or email to address any issues throughout the migration process. The end product is a modern stack that is more than twice as fast as my original server and is a direct reflection of the expertly skilled team at Sequoia.”

Brant Tedeschi, FantasySP.com
We take your security seriously

We use the same tricks & techniques hackers use;
but instead, we defend you against devastating cyberattacks
like ransomware, CEO fraud, phishing, targeted attack campaigns…



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